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Germany takes another step towards legalizing pedophilia [5-22-24]:

The German government is softening its child pornography laws - Washington Examiner

WPATH members admit parents and children aren't equipped to make decisions about transitioning but are pushed to do it anyway [4/20/24]:

This Cannot Be Ignored (

Pastor Jack Hibbs sounds the alarm on objectionable books for children [2-29-24]:

(9) BANNED? - YouTube

A free documentary on X makes the point: "we are coming for your children" [2-22-24]:

Exclusive -- 'The War On Children' Filmmaker Robby Starbuck: It Paints a Hard to Ignore Picture About How Evil the War to Sexualize Our Children Really Is (

A recent interview that explains our group, who we are and our history [12-6-23]:


Insightful article on the dangers of transgenderism [11-22-23]:

Inside the Transgender Empire - Imprimis (

Another perspective on why we are where we are [10-17-23]:

THIS Is the Problem With the Trans Movement - YouTube

Professor James Lindsay explains why the goal really is to destroy the innocence of children [9-12-23]:

Groomer Schools 1: The Long Cultural Marxist History of Sex Education (

BRACE member reading rebuttal to the "legal advice" of our County Attorney:

(6) Rebuttal to County Attorney Michael Lockaby - YouTube

We have been threatened with a lawsuit if any books are removed but they did it in Kansas [11/30/23]:

'I'm not real proud': St. Marys public library gets new lease by removing LGBTQ books for kids - Kansas Reflector

Prominent Psychiatrist refutes gender reassignment medical treatments [9-4-23]:

(10) Dr. Miriam Grossman Destroys Gender Ideology in 5 Minutes - YouTube

Tim Ballard connects sexualizing children with pedophilia and trafficking:

Exclusive — Sound of Freedom’s Tim Ballard Warns: 'There’s a Bigger Agenda to Hurt Children' (

Our Library Director can't answer what is pornography:

Julie Phillips, Botetourt County Library Director, struggles to define pornography. - YouTube

Scott Newgent exposes the lies of transitioning in 5 minutes:

(11) Trans Man Scott Newgent Speaks Out Against Child Sex Change Surgery[The Daily Wire: What is a Woman] - YouTube

Scott Newgent's website has a wealth of resources including data on suicide ideations being higher after transitioning: - Trans Scott Newgent | SCREAMING To Stop Transing Kids

Supervisor Scothorn expressed concern but then invited an ALA attorney to shut down the opposition:

Botetourt County Chairman Scothorn Requests Liberal ALA Attorney Speak to Board of Supervisors - YouTube

What a real Library Board of Trustees can do when not reduced to being "advisory":

Library Director FIRED over graphic books in Wyoming library (

What happens when we play God:

Trans indigenous Canadian slams doctors for denying her euthanasia request, saying death would be better than her constant pain from a surgically-built vagina | Daily Mail Online

An excellent call to action on the need to protect children:

What freedom? (

Pastor Paul Raymond is fighting the same fight in Appomattox County:

 Paul Raymond Talks Graphic Novels Featuring Sexual Content in Appomattox County Library – 105.9 WLNI-FM

A group fighting the same fight in Warren County:

Clean Up Samuels Library

11 year-old reading from Nick and Charlie (for 14 and over and available at the Blue Ridge library) at a school board meeting:

Knox Zajac confronts school board by reading them pornographic material found in his school. - YouTube

An in-depth expose of the ALA but use caution as there are explicit images that you may not want to see:

American Library Association Receives $1M Grant To Fight Book Challenges In Court (


De-Transitioner stories 

Here's an assortment of real people who were lied to about changing genders and have suffered the consequences.  Their stories are heartbreaking.

  Maddy Edwards saved [11/22/23]

(17) I transitioned, and here’s what happened.. (my detransition story) - YouTube

  Ashtyn Eskridge is only 16. Another sad story [10/26/23]:

(18) My Detransition Story - The Brainwashing of Youth - YouTube

  Chloe Cole with Jordan Peterson:

De-Transitioner: Here’s What Her Doctors Didn’t Tell Her - YouTube

  Chloe Cole debates Trans Activist

(11) MUST WATCH! A Conversation With A Trans Activist and Someone Who Is Detransitioning - YouTube

  Cat Cattinson:

Identity Crisis: Detransitioner Loses Natural Singing Voice After ‘Gender Affirming Care’ - YouTube

  Erin Friday:

Mom Explains What It Took to Rescue Daughter From Transgenderism - YouTube

  Soren Aldaco:

Identity Crisis: A Detransitioner’s Harrowing Journey Back From Gender Madness - YouTube

  Heather and Alex:

A Story of Detransitioning | Heather & Alex - YouTube

  Courtney Coulson:

Violence and Testosterone; The Red Flags of Audrey Hale- A Detrans Perspective - YouTube

  Matt Walsh examines the HBO documentary Transkids:

SHOCKING New Documentary On ‘Transkids’ Accidentally Tells Disturbing Truth - YouTube

  Walt Heyer:

I Became Transgender. Here’s Why I Regret It. - YouTube

  Sophia Galvin:

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Transitioning - YouTube

  Helena Kerschner:

A Story Of Detransitioning | Michael Knowles - YouTube


the truth about being transgender: my detransition story - YouTube

  Katie Lennon:

Hysterectomy, Double Mastectomy, and Deep Trans Regret at 24 | Katie Anderson - YouTube

  Daisy Marie:

Identity Crisis: After Top Surgery & Hormones, Female Detransitioner Decided She Wanted to Be A Mom - YouTube

  “Dyke in Denial”:

Detransition: 7 months in - YouTube

  Seven detransitioners discuss their experiences:

(23) Detrans Awareness Day Panel Discussion With Detransitioners For 'No Way Back 'Documentary - YouTube


Adults Enabling

Watch the adults and ask yourself how did we get here:

The 11-year-old trailblazing drag kid 'Desmond is Amazing' - YouTube

A must read book that explains what's really happening with transgenderism in children and teens and the role played by adults:

Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters: Abigal Shrier: 9781684510313 -

Another must read book about adults encouraging sexuality and alternative lifestyles for children and teens:

Stolen Youth: How Radicals Are Erasing Innocence and Indoctrinating a Generation by Karol Markowicz, Bethany Mandel, Hardcover | Barnes & Noble® (


National Groups Involved with this and related issues

MassResistance   A pro-family group involved in efforts to remove inappropriate materials for children from libraries

Moms for Liberty | Moms for Liberty   A parental rights group focused on public schools

Courage Is A Habit   Resources for parents to protect their children

Enough Is Enough: Pornography  Links to documented research on the effects of pornography on children


Local Group on Facebook

(1) Botetourt Conservatives and Independent Thinkers | Facebook



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